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The Link Between
Tradition & Innovation

At Landratech,
we are invested in building the
future of
oak forests.
We support oak owners making profit from their oak woods, and therefore making it more sustainable, regardless of the size of productions that they manage.
GIVING YOU FULL VALORIZATION OF YOUR PRODUCTION IS OUR GOAL, and we will make your oaks productive, and your acorns as valuable.
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what can we offer?

Unleashing Acorn's potential

what can we offer?

Unleashing Acorn's potential


Having trouble valorizing your oaks property?

If you are an oakwood owner, you can increase your profits by valuing acorns. We buy your acorns and help you find a suitable customer to transform them into agri-food products and make the best valorization of your oak trees ALIVE!

Moreover, you can take your production yields to a whole new level with the reliable information we offer. Valorize your woods through acorn production, wood management and valorization.

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Are you an industrial, retailer, restaurant, or bakery looking for acorn?

With our digital platform and help we are your right partner. Our sustainable and high-quality control conditions provide acorn granulate, shell powder, and polyphenols, to be used into agri-food products, or other markets, having a sustainable impact on carbon-footprint!

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Are you interested in tasting and buying acorns or acorn-based products?

Gain access to this valuable forest fruit in the form of seed, granulate, flour, and other agri-food products. Healthy, low carbon footprint, delicious, and biologic products based on acorn are provided by our network of partners. We can help you find the most suitable one. 

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We have been steadily creating a positive impact in our endemic forests and communities

Kg of acorn
oakwood owners
ha of forest area
industrial partners
"I found your platform dedicated to the valorization of acorns, exactly the help I needed. I have a plot of land where two species of Oak predominate and I would like to know their economic potential in the context of the transformation of acorns. My main objective will be to maintain the native forest and at the same time make it profitable and therefore more sustainable."
Ricardo Cardoso, Oak owner - Acorn producer
"Landratech has, in my opinion, the best and smartest approach to valuing acorns, in addition to having work done, knowledge and focus."
Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of Mendes Gonçalves®
"Your flour is very good, we make bread, cookies, and cakes with it."
Cecília Pereira, Professor

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