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The MEDACORNET project aims to unlock the value chain of acorns, an ancient traditional ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine produced by various native oak species, currently wasted. Based on the established trans-Mediterranean consortium, the project will produce results in complementary but diversified fields of action, aimed at valuing the acorns of our native forests.

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WebLand aims to create a digital marketplace for valuing acorns. The integration of stakeholders, linking production perspectives, processing capacity and market needs, allows for an increase in cost and time efficiency by more than 30%. The results of the project will contribute to solving forest abandonment, with an impact on the sustainability and economic dynamics of Trás-os-Montes, fulfilling the objectives of the circular economy.

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The Acorn4MED project was supported by the ”la Caixa” Foundation through the third contest of the Promove Program, aimed at boosting the border regions of the interior of Portugal.

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LandFood aims to value acorns as a nutritious, gluten-free and sustainable raw material for the agri-food industry, helping to ensure the economic competitiveness of the endemic forest of the Alentejo. Through the establishment of a value chain that bridges the landowners, industrials and restaurants, LandFood is promoting the economic return to the region. Our strategy enhances a Forest2Fork concept while reusing lignocellulosic processing residues, thus fostering the circular bioeconomy and the sustainability of the food chain.

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