November 23, 2021

The last Saturday, the 27th, was celebrated in in Briteiros, the Autochthonous Forest day under the theme "Acorn: food from the past and future", a joined initiative between LandraTech and “Sociedade Martins Sarmento”. A group of about thirty participants, from different geographic origins, got to know better a food that is directly related to our native flora, particularly the cork oak.

A guided tour of the Castreja Culture Museum took place, followed, in Citânia, by the announced acorn bread workshop, in which participants were able to knead the bread themselves, which was then tasted in the lunch.

Lunch was served with dishes highlighted by the presence of acorns, illustrating the different uses of this fruit, whether in the preparation of cold or hot infusions, in starters, in rice, in vegetarian feijoada, and even in dessert, prepared by Cor de Tangerina and served by the students from Profitecla.