July 10, 2023

A few days ago, LandraTech had the opportunity to participate in an initiative organised by the Municipality of Azambuja to raise awareness among children about sustainability. The event gathered more than 1500 children, who were able to learn about the importance of taking care of the environment and discover different recycling and sustainability options.

The children participated in various activities, such as recycling workshops, games about energy and nature, and visits to natural spaces. They were also able to meet professionals from different fields, such as biologists, engineers and architects, who talked to them about their work and how they can contribute to protecting the environment.

The initiative was a success, and the children enjoyed learning about sustainability and the importance of caring for the environment. They were also able to meet other children with the same interests, and make new friends.

LandraTech is committed to sustainability, and believes it is important to educate children about the importance of caring for the environment. We hope that this initiative has helped children learn about sustainability and become aware of their role in protecting the planet.