September 11, 2023

Landratech, an innovative company dedicated to the full utilisation of acorns as a human food ingredient based in Barcelos, Portugal, has been honoured with a prestigious award from EIT Food, Europe's leading food and nutrition innovation community, and Blendhub. The accolade was awarded at a special ceremony held in the city of Murcia (Spain), where ten European start-ups were singled out for their outstanding contributions to extending affordable nutrition.

Landratech is proud to be the only company in Portugal to receive this coveted award. This achievement underlines the company's commitment to innovation and its dedication to driving significant advances in the food and nutrition industry based on acorns from endemic forests. The company has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to creating sustainable and cost-effective solutions for access to nutritious food in Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

The EIT Food and Blendhub award recognises Landratech's tireless work in the search for innovative, accessible and environmentally friendly nutritional solutions. The company has stood out for its work in developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the utilisation of Portuguese and Spanish acorns that promote healthy and sustainable eating, thus contributing to the well-being of society, care for the environment and the prevention of desertification processes caused by climate change.

In addition, this award reinforces Landratech's position as a leader in the Iberian Peninsula region in general, demonstrating its ability to compete internationally and its commitment to excellence in the food sector.

The Landratech team thanks EIT Food and Blendhub for this prestigious award and pledges to continue its work in promoting affordable and sustainable food in Europe. The company also extends its gratitude to its customers, employees and partners for their continued support in realising this shared vision.