July 5, 2023

The Medacornet Kickoff Meeting, held in Guimarães, had asits main objective to highlight the importance of acorns as a high quality foodand to promote their sustainable production and consumption. Landratech, withits production centre located in Barcelos, has been developing innovativesolutions for the agri-food sector, with a focus on acorn production.


During the first evening of the congress, participants hadthe privilege of enjoying an exclusive menu, prepared by the Cor de Tangerinarestaurant, located in Guimarães. The menu, based on products derived fromacorns, such as flours and coffees, provided a unique gastronomic experience,highlighting the versatility of this raw material.


"We are extremely pleased with the success of theMedacornet Kickoff Meeting, the International Congress on the production ofacorns as food for human consumption", said the Landratech representative."As a company with a production centre in Barcelos, we are committed toboosting the industry and highlighting the nutritional value of acorns as asustainable food resource."


The event was attended by experts in the field, academics,researchers, teachers and scientists, who explored the potential of acorns as ahealthy and sustainable food. In addition to the presentations and discussions,the congress provided a unique opportunity to establish partnerships anddevelop collaborative strategies, boosting acorn production and utilisation ona global scale.